The history of Eyde

The history of Best Western Plus Hotel Eyde can be traced back to 1839 where the hotel was one building among just three others in Herning.

It all began back in 1839 where the administrative officer at the county office, Peter Christian Bertelsen, opened Christiansminde Inn. At that time there was actually only two other buildings on the spot that would later be known as Herning. That was the courthouse and the pharmacy. In 1841 the population of Herning was still only 21, and at that time it was quite far from the city as we know it today.

Gave a church to Herning

Meanwhile in 1856 Christiansminde Inn was sold to John Eyde who were to play a significant role in the development in and around the inn. Eyde showed his foresight at several occasions, but one of his most remarkable initiatives was when he gave away the building ground for Herning Church to the city. Here Eyde conditioned the record of a central square between his inn and the church thus securing that the inn – and later Hotel Eyde – always would have a central location in the middle of the city’s central square.

John Eyde sold the inn which became Hotel Eyde

In 1882 John Eyde solde the inn to Chr. Jensen who immediately began a bigger transformation of the inn’s appearance. At first it was the eastern part of the inn that was rebuild and finished in 1885, while the western part wasn’t complete until 1893 which made it appear as we know the hotel’s main building today. After this the inn was renamed to Hotel Eyde.

The old hotel has with shifting proprietors regularly been renovated and expanded – always with sensible respect for the place’s atmosphere and historical background. During the ownership of Fam. Diderichsen Best Western Plus Hotel Eyde carried on this line with regular comprehensive renovations, so the hotel also in the future will appear as an interesting combination of classic elegance and homely coziness – spiced with all modern conveniences.

Hotel Eyde passer på miljøet

Hotel Eyde skal være forbillede for hvordan vi driver hoteldrift med respekt for klodens ressourcer. Ved at udfordre de miljøbelastende løsninger, viser vi at det nytter, hvis vi alle gør noget.

Handicapvenligt hotel via ”God Adgang”

Alle gæster er velkommen på Best Western Plus Hotel Eyde og det er vores mål, at det skal være let at planlægge et ophold hos os. Derfor er hotellet blevet God Adgang registreret

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